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At SCS Group, we have earned our reputation in the commercial cleaning industry with over a decade of experience. We pride ourselves on catering to the unique needs of aged care facilities around Australia, delivering our services with genuine passion and expertise.

In an industry where the principles of dignity and independence are very important, SCS Group distinguishes itself by delivering cleaning services that surpass not only the highest standards of cleanliness but also embody a sense of humility. We are a family-owned business and ensure we always stick to our values. We believe that our commitment to values is what allows us to develop strong connections with our clients and their residents. At SCS Group, we take pride in the fact that our dedication to cleanliness is complemented by a commitment to fostering an environment that values humility and a personal connection with our clients.

SCS Group’s core values of enterprising spirit, integrity, passion, and collaboration shine through in their transparent and inclusive culture. We prioritise building authentic and enduring relationships with clients and staff. With a commitment to supporting and celebrating their people, SCS Group goes beyond the conventional norms of the commercial cleaning industry, making a positive impact in the lives of their clients and employees alike.

Read on to learn more about SCS Group and why we would be the best choice as your age care cleaners.


Starting with a dedicated account manager for your aged care facility

Every SCS Group client has a dedicated account manager. Having an dedicated account manager ensures that there are clear lines of communication. It also allows us to provide a bespoke cleaning plan for all of your aged care facilities.

Furthermore, our online client portal allows for better communication, accountability, consistency and transparency. For example, our clients can access real-time tracking of our cleaning service activities, clients can also lodge tickets and connect with our Customer Support team.

In addition to cutting edge communication technology, we have also invested in the latest smart equipment such as i-mop technology and driverless scrubbers. Our team of experienced cleaners undergo training and quality audits to ensure they are delivering top aged care cleaning services. At SCS Group, passing accreditation becomes a formality rather than a stressful process, reflecting our unique and reliable approach to client service.


Our aged care cleaners are ready to make a difference

Our dedicated team and commitment to the wellbeing of aged care residents highlights our commitment to providing our clients with the best cleaning services in Australia. We don’t simply clean – we are a family of motivated and well trained aged care cleaners adept at delivering tailored cleaning services for varied aged care facilities.

By combining expert age care cleaners with our cutting-edge technology, we ensure that we provide our aged care clients a clean, hygienic, and inviting environment. We only use the best cleaning products which adhere to Australian standards to further reflect our aim to create a hygienic and healthy living space for aged care residents.

As aged care cleaners, we ensure the health, safety, and comfort of both residents and employees within aged care facilities. Our years of experience providing commercial cleaning services for the aged care industry, paired with our national footprint, means that we are able to work with any aged care provider. Whether you are a boutique retirement village, or national aged care provider.

Our aged care cleaners are ready to make a difference

At SCS Group, we stand as a distinguished force in the aged care cleaning industry, backed by over a decade of knowledge and experience. Our reputation is built on curating unique cleaning services to aged care facilities with genuine passion, using the latest technology and equipment. To learn more about how SCS Group can provide an even better environment for your aged care residents, talk to our friendly team today.

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