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Those in the hotel and accommodation industry will know that the number one priority is to create an amazing experience for guests. One of the things that can affect a guest’s experience most is hotel housekeeping and cleanliness. We have found from our clients that outsourcing cleaning services significantly improved their business’s overall performance.

In this blog, we outline the benefits of outsourcing hotel housekeeping to a commercial cleaner and how hoteliers and hotel managers can save time and energy that can be channeled back into providing a magical experience for guests.


Create a hotel room housekeeping schedule unique to your hotel

Every hotel is unique which means that it’s important to outsource your cleaning to a company which can produce a cleaning schedule that is fit for purpose. SCS Group comprehensively understands the varied requirements of hotels, ranging from intimate pubs to expansive 300-room establishments. We create bespoke housekeeping schedules for every property to meet your distinct needs. We craft a personalised cleaning plan that aligns seamlessly with your brand and guest expectations. We leverage cutting-edge technology so hotel managers can effortlessly communicate and streamline operations for optimal efficiency.

You can track our cleaning service activities in real time using our client portal. This portal enhances communication, accountability, consistency, and transparency. Beyond advanced communication technology, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, including i-mop technology and driverless scrubbers. Our team of professional cleaners undergo rigorous training and quality audits to ensure the delivery of top-notch hotel cleaning services. At SCS Group, achieving accreditation is a formality rather than a stressful process, showcasing our distinctive and reliable approach to client service.


Look for experienced hotel housekeepers

When you’re considering outsourcing your hotel cleaning, ensure that you choose a company with a proven track record. We understand the difference between general commercial cleaning and housekeeping services. Our expertise in hotel housekeeping is underscored by our expert team, setting us apart in the hospitality industry. Our hotel housekeepers undergo rigorous training to ensure excellence in service. With a focus on exceeding hygiene standards, our dedicated team employs the latest cleaning technology and state-of-the-art equipment to consistently deliver impeccable results.

What truly distinguishes us is our emphasis on the quality of our personnel. Beyond their expertise in maintaining clean spaces, our team approaches each task with passion and a friendly demeanor, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere. This commitment is evident in our successful collaborations with major clients, showcasing our in-depth understanding of large-scale cleaning services.


Consider provider integrated cleaning services for hotels

Hospitality and Event Cleaning

There is always room to elevate your hospitality venue or event space with the distinctive advantages offered by SCS Group. Whether it’s a vibrant restaurant or a grand event, our cleaning services are tailored to create a welcoming and sanitised atmosphere. Rely on us for comprehensive cleaning solutions that enhance the overall experience for both guests and staff. Consider exploring SCS Group’s integrated cleaning services for hotels, extending beyond traditional housekeeping.

We cater to a diverse range of establishments, including pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and event venues. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures that your establishment not only stays clean but also well-maintained and compliant with stringent hygiene standards. Trust SCS Group to go above and beyond, providing a solid approach to cleanliness and maintenance for your business.

Pest control

Ensure your accommodation is pest-free from bugs, rodents, and other critters which quickly make themselves at home if not properly maintained. We use Australian-standard products and employ the relevant safety measures to keep your hotel pest free.

Window cleaning

Our window cleaning services can be customised to meet your specific needs, whether you need a one-off clean or a regular programmed window cleaning service.

Pressure washing

Our commercial pressure washing service can provide a one-off or programmed solution to keeping those external walkways and paths, corridors and steps always looking and presenting like new. From portable small jobs to large truck mount services, we have the solution for you.


Ask about SCS Group’s Hotel Cleaning Service Today

Entrust your hotel’s cleanliness to SCS Group for substantial cost savings, elevated standards, and the freedom to focus on guest satisfaction. Our transparent and inclusive culture, coupled with extensive experience in the industry, makes us the ideal partner for hotel owners, procurement managers, and hotel managers. Click here to discover the full range of services tailored to the accommodation and housekeeping sector.

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